In need of a website or an online store?

I make websites and online stores - carefully tailored for my clients needs.

Who am I?

I'm Lassi Jääskeläinen, I make tailor-made websites and online stores. I founded this business during my studies and worked part-time through it for seven years, after which I started doing this full-time.


My aim is to take into account all relevant factors for any project I am working with, like security, SEO, user experience and performance. My aim is to aid my clients in achieving their goals, and everything I do is based on this principle. I look at things from a large perspective, not just as a programmer or web designer. I love to help my clients in developing comprehensive strategies for their online presense.


I usually code and design the sites myself, which removes many potential limitations. If my client desires, I often use the Wordpress content management system to allow the client to easily manage their website or online store.


I cannot provide a general price range for international clients, as the costs are influenced by several factors, some of which depend on the location of the client. Please ask for a price-estimate for your project!


image of

I made a website for a Finnish political association, coding the template myself but using Wordpress to allow the client to easily update the site.

Psykologityö lähde

Website of sport psychologist Susanna Jääskeläinen. The client wanted to project an approachable but at the same time down to earth image.

Timo Harakka's website
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Timo Harakka is the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications. He wanted to use a pre-existing Wordpress-theme for his site.


I have done a few Wordpress themes as an exercise, which I have published on my GitHub with open-source licenses. The example sites do not use real content, and the fill content is in Finnish.

Store Y
Kuva verkkokauppa Y:stä

Online store example, does not have payment service for security reasons.

Store Y (example site)

Cafe Lorem
Kuva Cafe Lorem-sivustosta

Example site for a cafeteria. Looked for a visually satisfying and clear outlook.

Cafe Lorem (example site)

Contact information

Lassi Jääskeläinen
+358 44 024 0176

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Postal address: Rantapuisto 23A
Postal code and city: 08100, Lohja